Saturday, December 18, 2010


The Shape Of Punk To Come

Epitaph Records
2 LP/DVD/Download Reissue

One of the greatest hardcore/punk records of all time is getting the royal treatment with a deluxe 2LP set that includes a DVD and a live album download. Refused shook the underground scene and changed everything with this 1998 release, almost single-handedly creating the screamo genre along the way (for better or for worse). Indeed, it was the shape of punk to come, and 12 years later it is still the golden standard.

While the prospect of having this album on audiophile quality vinyl is enticing enough, the real treat here is the inclusion of the 2006 DVD documentary, Refused Are F****ing Dead, which documents the breakup of the band from a fan's perspective. Also of note is the accompanying download of Live At The Umea, which shows just how explosive the band could be on stage.

MISH MASH Mandate: Rather Be Dead
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