Saturday, April 25, 2009

...For The Whole World To See

Drag City Records
7 song vinyl LP

The story couldn't be more perfect. A lost album resurfaces 30 years later from a "proto-punk" Detroit garage band, made up of three brothers who were inspired after seeing Iggy & The Stooges back in the early 70s. And now the indie music scene is turned on its collective ear, wondering how such a gem could have been ignored for so long.

While much has been made of the punk elements of this record, suffice it to say it's as much rock-n-roll as it is punk. Comparisons to Bad Brains have been inevitable, considering that the brothers are African American, and also to the aforementioned Stooges & The Ramones, but when I listen, I also hear elements of Thin Lizzy, and even Cream. Simply put, this is one heck of a rock record that just happens to be punk, before anybody called it punk. Add to this the fact that this is one of the most exciting releases I've heard in a long time, and it's 30+ years old. Says a lot about the current state of rock music, no?

Highlights include the band's original "single" Politicians In My Eyes, a rambling, riff-heavy track that has relentless drive, and the intensely played Freakin Out, which is probably the most "punk" song on the record.

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