Wednesday, June 02, 2010

We Have Band
Naive (France)
12 song CD

One listen to this, and it is hard to imagine that We Have Band won't be the Next Big Thing, if there is such a thing anymore. Their sound is quizzical and quirky, based in an almost retro-sounding electronica that has a certain timeless quality to it. While they owe a lot to the moves and grooves of 80s synth pop, they also have an artful edginess born out of artists like Joy Division/New Order and Talking Heads. Add to that a knack for wild and whacked out videos, and you have the perfect recipe for sparkling underground Europop that will impress even your most finicky hipster friends.

The high points of the disc come with the tracks Divisive and Oh!, where they pull out all the stops and smother the listener with catchy hooks and driving dance beats, pouring on the 80s pop stylings without apology or regret. What is most evident is that they sound like they're having a great time while they're doing it, which is downright infectious to the listener. I for one welcome this year's first guilty pleasure with open arms.

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